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's Adidas Derrick to Rose's youth for the concept, design ideas and the time of the 1990s and projected in this shoe brand launched Adidas adiZero D Rose 3 "90s Throwback", to the bright yellow green color collocation in comparison with Derrick Rose to create the tongue after the home on behalf of the "South Side" with the "773" area code. adidas brand launches "90s Throwback" yellow green colourful shoes
In front of the tongue also has a
D Rose unique new Logo collocation smooth shoe body and a sole unique and sensitive reaction, suggested retail price of $160 dollars (about 998 yuan), will be officially on sale in November 9th. adidas brand launches "90s Throwback" yellow green colourful shoes

relative to men's style, suitable for children and girls shoes GS style in color always is more eye-catching and wonderful, listed in the summer of this Nike Air Force 1 shoes go is dark grey line, shoes and leather lining, Swoosh iron gray, black leather modification, and on the south coast of color collocation cherry red shoelaces, collocation whole black powder, also highlights the lovely personality.

Data map.
is near the rainy season, high temperature, high humidity, wind small, low air pressure, people will feel bored, even if the bad weather has made countless night run run off. In the US running columnist Amanda · Cassano, the key to health is to make up water, choose running time and control running intensity in the humid and hot rainy season. A reasonable run through plum rainy season can increase the heat tolerance ability of human body, so that the body cells can minimize damage to a higher temperature period, and lay a good foundation for summer fitness.

in the stuffy Huangmei days, the weather pressure is relatively low, the air is relatively thin, and the humidity in the air rises obviously. When running, the sweat droplets on the skin surface are covered on the surface of the human body after sweating.

and sweat and the air dense water "cover" live the pores, the body temperature rises rapidly, but not from the body surface heat, resulting in high temperature, reduced ability to make the body gets oxygen from the air, oxygen in the blood to supply, causing you to further increase in cardiac load running.

once the humidity is too large, and the body temperature of your running is between 32.2 and 40.6 degrees, you may be suffering from convulsion due to heatstroke, or even cause heart problems.

so what should you pay attention to in the rainy season?

replenishment is the first thing: in general, you need to adapt to two weeks of humidity. At the same time, in this period of time, feel the needs of your body to fill the water. In a weather of more than 60% humidity, usually every 15 to 20 minutes, you need to add 120 ml to 240 milliliters of drinking water or sports drinks.

, before and after running, we must remember to replenish water. Generally speaking, 400 milliliters of water should be drunk 30 minutes before running, and then more than 400 milliliters of water or sports drinks should be added within one hour after running. In the process of running, you can own a small bag hanging on the waist, lightweight and convenient.

reduces speed 15%: according to American scientists, the speed of running is also affected as the temperature rises. For example, at 16 degrees, your running speed may increase from 8 minutes to 8 minutes, 12 seconds / mile. When the temperature is increased to 27 degrees, the general speed will slow down 12% to 15% when it reaches the same comfort level, and then it will be 9 minutes 06 seconds / mile.

should also reduce the speed of around 15% in the wet and hot rainy season, so that your body and heart can operate more comfortably. Generally speaking, after two weeks of adaptation, your body will adapt to the humidity of the weather, better heat dissipation, and then better improve your body heat resistance.
At the same time,
, when the temperature is above 29 degrees Celsius and the humidity above 75%, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of running again to prevent heat stroke.

running time is a reasonable choice: in Huangmei days, day and night,

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