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my skateboard shoes, fashion fashion, the most modern "humming this song, to express the goods received today. 15 days before the 6PM order, was on hand in two weeks or so, the legend of "a month" here does not exist.

: I say first order it directly with the sister Singapore MasterCard order directly, then do not know Bill Address billing address should fill in where, directly fill in the Singapore sister address seems to be stuck in the United States to fill in the zip code where the smoke a lot of English, finally understand, still silly to send Email contact customer service, for fear of being cut, customer service is very warm, is a large one over the English, and I like to write an English composition. The results, asked before experienced friend, the original bill addresses transport business direct address is good.

and it is because of the use of Singapore's credit card, the cup is destined to happen, and choose the same transport business, say a little bit. box seals on display is the hero express, actually I use Alipay in the sea Amoy (now seemingly closed), the delivery price is quite cheap, far less than the other, but the first time to buy is also very worried about the quality of the shoes, but fortunately, but now seems to be overreacting.

overall, purely because of Alipay's security only dare to use this small transport business, if the money and capricious, or proposed transfer Chinese expensive and so on.

however, the fifteen day rate is still quite satisfactory, not too obvious traces of the box on the outside, the interior is shoes, is not damaged worry, but no other box, unpacking, inspection, photographing, insurance services, or lack of a lot of necessary functions. Customer satisfaction, customer service has not contacted, not clear. Take the initiative to declare customs, this is! Why the sea Amoy Oolong became the hero express, I don't know. =!

can see, from the Shanghai customs entry - the United States to China are so, domestic to turn into EMS. EMS is not the economic type, the three day arrived, soon. bought a total of two pairs of shoes and a pair of Adidas Originals? T-ZXZ? 700, the price of 51.99 dollars, this pair of shoes 41.99, it costs in Renminbi should be around 600, together with the freight should be around 700.

at the same time because it is no reinforcement transport service, only the original cassette transporter, all 6PM out of shape, the original box is so complete, really good, do not ask. air pad Amazon Bo N/: P! U. A5 " V. B- X3 Z? Reebok this season, the use of high-tech material Cordura to build its three classic shoes, including Pump Fury, Pump OMNI Lite and OXT Pump Mid. See Pump Fury after the debut, get a high degree of inquiry, manufacturers also homeopathic launched Pump OMNI Lite version of Cordura, bring more choice. Designers first use black to shape the outline of the shoes, and then add Cordura material on the uppers, so that shoes to increase the windproof, waterproof and anti tear three powerful properties. The new product is priced at &, yen, and 14700 yen, and is now available in atmos, japan.

brand New Balance in 2002, once its classic brand leisure shoes 1400 re engraved, launched a variety of different colors, such as red, pink, purple, green and gray and so on, a time to become hot words in the city. And in 2010, J.Crew on the unique eye, for model 1400 with New Balance cooperation launched "do not note", shoes will again push the popularity of the peak. J.Crew joint New Balance fall 2012 new color shoes
brand Department
J.Crew let this offensive continued, again with the New Balance cooperation to create three new color 1400 shoes, including Blue, Sky, Cranberry and Evergreen, also to build the body of the shoe in signature style suede, also in the United States New Balance Skowhegan the whole factory production, to ensure the quality of workmanship and materials the. Three new shoes are available in J.Crew stores and online stores.

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