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I'm just a joke,

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cheating motivation: joking

talks about cheating on the marathon, which could be traced back to the 1904 Saint Louis Olympics in the United States, but it was a joke for young people.

guy from the United States Fred Lorz because Tilibuzhi in 14.5 miles back, then his manager let him catch a ride, after 17.7 kilometers away, the car broke broke down, so Lorz also ran off, also became the first into the stadium, by the champion "welcome.

was happy at first in Lorz, but soon he admitted that he was joking. It was also proved that he was not deliberately false, so the American Amateur Athletics Federation was able to cancel his lifelong ban. On the Boston marathon in 1905, Lorz became a real champion, 2 hours, 38 minutes and 25 seconds, and this time was not a "joke".
I'm going to be a legend
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: on the cheating motivation
once said that the marathon cheated, if Rosie Ruiz is less, then it must be incomplete. Her award speech "I got up with a lot energy this morning" has also become a classic stem.

in the 1980 Boston marathon, she scored 31 points to 2 hours of the first past the end point, but she did not sweat, not tired, her stature is not about the details of the game player, she also can not remember what. There were two students on the scene who corrected Ruiz from the crowd near the end of the finish. She got BQ in the New York marathon and was found to cheat later: because she took the subway to the end.

but Ruiz has denied that she cheated and stressed that she ran the whole journey.
I just have medals and T - shirts
cheating methods: a shortcut to

cheating motivation: medals and T - shirt

2013 Singapore marathon, a man named Tam Chua Puh Singapore turned out to beat people pinned up the national team players Mok Ying Ren won the champion of the local group.
The results of
the mysterious runner was found only after the 6km, in order to get finished T-shirts and medals, he rested at the bus station for a while, watching the Afrikakorps flying, he thought the local runners probably ran, he felt safe to the finish line of the. He also said he never wanted to be the first in the country.
, he was also found in the previous two Singapore horses.

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