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Street brand has become the daily life often choose to wear, when everyone was brought in the street culture better when you know these competing to buy street brand has a very classic status in the skateboarding sector? You are just pure fashion enthusiasts, not playing board, but these deeply influenced the street culture but I do not know your skateboard brand today, Vans enthusiasts it brings "you can not know the 10 Street skateboard brand"!
StussyThe name

the most important
street culture

Stussy brand creation is very interesting: as early as 1980, the Shawn Stussy love surfing in southern California, Laguna (Laguna) selling related merchandise and surfing beach, gradually began to design their own written graffiti signature selling together on the board, but satisfactory material is even more and more people ask him to sign in clothes, skateboard, and Stussy gradually developed into a street clothing store. In the past 36 years, Stussy is not only reasonable will extend its own brand of tentacles from simple surfing to skateboard culture, with music, art, graffiti, national cultural elements, to create the design style of the most abundant, especially the trend of the godfather of Teng Yuan Hao's blessing, but jumped for the most talked about the streets of tide Shawn Stussy card, even in 1996 to withdraw from the brand, but the friend and co-founder of Frank Sinatra Jr. to Stussy now, to the development of women's and children's clothing, life extension, Stussy has now become the American street brand representative.

representative design: Stussy SS Logo, Stussy signature font, World Tour, Tee,
and other skull crown Vans
, a 50 year tradition of skateboarding
from the last century? The beginning of 60s, skateboarding gradually spread to the world, and Vans is the Paul Van? Doren at this time (1966) established, if Vans is the ancestor of the leading skateboard culture brand also not much. Vans initially rubber company, self-produced all kinds of shoes, which are in direct contact with customers, to develop the independent process found in very good post vulcanization sole board performance, and through the BMX? The rider and hand slip discussion and action observation, Vans gradually improved outsole design, developed the Vans famous leisure waffle big ears at the end of. In the 50 year of the establishment of the brand, Vans launched a number of classic shoes, and their attitude to life into a variety of extreme sports, music, art, now not only is an example of skateboard shoes, it is absolutely the most popular classic street, popularity remains high, this Bo

Data map
believes that many of the runners have met the situation of pulling their stomach after running, especially when they compete in the marathon. This will not only affect the state of the game, but also affect the mood in the game. Why does it happen to run diarrhoea? How do you deal with running diarrhoea?

analysis of why the running of diarrhoea?
The normal gastrointestinal function of
requires the body in a relatively static state and requires sufficient blood supply. When you run, you are obviously not still, and the blood will flow to the muscles of the heart and movement, not the gut system. The decline and dehydration of blood sugar can make the situation more serious. In addition, no matter how much water you drink in a run, it is almost impossible for you to take in the amount of water you need. For these reasons, the amount of blood flow in the intestines and intestines supply was reduced by up to 80%.

in normal conditions, the blood carries oxygen to the intestines and brings out excess water. In the case of blood shortage, the cells in the intestines are anoxic, and the water will gather in the large intestine. When this happens, you feel abdominal pain and spasm, and then diarrhoea (running diarrhoea).

what is marathon diarrhea?

marathon diarrhea, also known as acute diarrhea, is an athlete's gastrointestinal disease, commonly known as "runner 's trots".

refers to the symptoms of gastrointestinal tract during training or competition, including acute diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and reflux symptoms of the esophagus. Diarrhea usually does not occur during running, because the activity of the large intestine is suppressed during high intensity exercise. The feeling of going to the toilet may come when the game is off for a moment, or when the match is slower.

is on the alert for other related factors

mechanically stimulates the secretion of intestinal secreting active substances, such as prostaglandins, in the intestinal mucosa.
The activity of
autonomic nervous system affects intestinal motility.

is associated with the use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

movement changes the permeability of the intestinal mucosa.

prevention of diarrhoea from "eat" to start
The main methods of
prevention include avoiding high fat, high calorie diet, or hyperglycemic index food within 3 hours before exercise. For the gastrointestinal system itself is not good run friends, a day before the game should not eat cold food and spicy food, prevent to stimulate the digestive tract cause gastrointestinal mucosa damage caused by diarrhea.

can eat some cereal health stomach a day before the game, also can eat some onions and garlic to kill intestinal retention of bacteria. There are also studies suggesting that pre race diet may be beneficial.

if the diarrhea phenomenon is serious to stop running, don't try to immediately go to the doctor!

today is an introduction to the causes and prevention of running diarrhoea. Running diarrhoea in many of the running Friends >

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