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What would you think of the first weight loss exercise? Most people should be running
Guide: what would you think of the first weight loss exercise? I think the first thing most people think about is running. So why do some people run quickly to lose weight, and some people do not see the effect for a long time? What's the matter? Come and see. (source: 39 Health Network)

first of all, running and losing weight is an aerobic exercise. We must go jogging and persist for more than 30 minutes before starting to burn fat. The longer you insist on this exercise, the more obvious the effect is.

warm-up exercise

warm-up exercise to do, I think most people know that, because before warming up for the body has a cushion effect, the body will also play a role in stretching, better and faster access to the state of motion.

runs at night we run in the morning
running in the morning can make the body enter a new day's state. It's very good for health. And it's easier to lose weight when running on the stomach in the morning. Why? Because the morning fasting eat what also didn't exercise if the body does not have enough sugar to energy consumption, only through the consumption of fat, so oil is easier to achieve the effect of dietary fat reduction.

runs at night also can achieve the effect of weight loss, but the body after a day of energy supplement, most of the energy is stored in the body, so the body will automatically run when excess energy consumption of sugar in the body, then the fat burning, so you need to exercise longer.

so the babies who can run in the morning are trying to run in the morning so that the effect of losing weight can be seen faster.
How long should
run every day? We

a lot of people in the beginning of running is not adhere to a long period of time, resulting in poor weight loss, really fat burning is running in 30 minutes after the start, so I want to achieve a real fat burning must adhere to take exercise every day, you will see the effect you want to.

we run jogging
jogging is an aerobic exercise, weight loss is the most suitable aerobic exercise, we should choose the most suitable for their own speed to make a running program, "a smiling rhythm rhythm" is the most suitable for running to lose weight, is to smile to talk a few words in can meet people know, this rhythm is the most suitable for running to lose weight, do not run together with people in order to cater to others running too fast or too slow.

run accurately, it is more suitable for the running of the physical and mental relaxation, in the fast running speed in the process of it doesn't belong to aerobic exercise, begin run would make the runner began to excessive physical exertion in the running way, the body too much, the body.

Amazing strength

[World Wide Web Roundup] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 1st, recently, the United States of New York 22 year old fitness coach Christopher? Joyce (Christopher Joyce) will show himself in the gym in the barbell push ups and handstand video uploaded to Instagram, attracted the attention of many users.
barbell upside up
video, Joyce showed his amazing stamina and strength, attracted many fans. The title, "a dream for the dream," has also inspired many Internet users. Someone commented, "I have a lot of things to deal with every day, but your video is encouraging me and reminds me that I can't give up."

Joyce's dream is to one day be able to open a gym by himself. "I want to change the world by changing the way people live and how they think about fitness," he said. I love to work out. I hope I can have a gym that belongs to me one day and create my own sports style and brand. (internship compilation: Zhao Ninglei review: Zhu Yingku)

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